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Home Improvements for Winter

Preparing for Colder Days

While we’re not wishing away the crisp, cool air of fall, the changing of the seasons indicates that colder winter days are on their way. As they draw nearer and nearer, you may be dreading the days of layering blankets on top of jackets and the higher energy bills that come with heating a home and thinking of ways to keep the cold out.

Kern Heating & Cooling Co. is here with a few home projects that you can complete just in time for the winter season that will make your home a bit more comfortable and efficient.


Any gaps around your doors and windows are going to become a menace on those icy November mornings. These gaps allow for cold air to come into the home, and your nice, warm air to escape. All this lost air is making your furnace work harder to keep the home at the temperature set on your thermostat, using more energy, and driving your utility bills up.

Sealing gaps around your home does not have to be a terribly time-consuming or expensive activity. You can purchase a silicone sealant at the home improvement store and tackle this project when you have a few spare hours on the weekend.

Come winter, you’ll be grateful to have taken that time to protect your home from the chill.

Heater Repairs

As your HVAC technicians, we recommend you schedule a tune-up for your system at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This tune-up is one of the most important appointments of the year as it allows us to ensure your furnace is in excellent working condition for the heating season ahead.

Additionally, it allows us to make repairs sooner rather than later when the problems become bigger and more expensive.

Install a New Thermostat

Smart thermostats are a great upgrade for your home’s comfort system. New models allow you to program your heating to match your schedule, saving you money by not heating an empty home. Even better? You can control the thermostat right from your phone. So, if you left for the holidays at grandma’s in a rush, you can still adjust the temperature and continue saving energy and money.

Ready to schedule your seasonal tune-up? Give Kern Heating & Cooling Co. a call at (847) 383-0350 to get started!

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