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What is the Right Amount of Humidity in Your Home?

You already know how to adjust your thermostat to control your heating and air-conditioning equipment. However, you may still feel hot or cold, even though your thermostat is set correctly. In many cases, such discomfort is due to the humidity level.

What is Relative Humidity?

Humidity is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air. Because the air holds different amounts of humidity at different temperatures, it is measured on a “relative” basis. For instance, 90 percent relative humidity means that the air is holding 90 percent of the amount of moisture that air is capable of holding at that temperature. The relative humidity is measured using an instrument known as a hygrometer.

How Does Humidity Affect Air Comfort?

When the humidity level is too high, the room may feel muggy even though the thermostat is set at the right temperature. High humidity levels may also cause condensation problems and exacerbate certain health problems like asthma.

On the other hand, low humidity levels may contribute to dry skin and cause colds to spread more quickly. Low humidity will also make a cold room feel even colder and may cause cracks in your floor and around your windows and doors. To avoid such problems, try to maintain the humidity level between 30 and 50 percent.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

When the humidity level of a room is too low, it can be raised by using a humidifier. A humidifier adds water vapor to the air. There are several types of humidifiers, including warm-mist and cool-mist units.

Dehumidifiers, as the name suggests, do the opposite: they remove humidity to make the air feel dryer. Both humidifiers and dehumidifiers are available in several sizes that range from room-size to whole-house units.

Bottom line: If you want the air temperature in your home to feel more comfortable, you need to keep the humidity level between 30 and 50 percent. You can do that by installing a humidifier or a dehumidifier as needed. For all of your indoor air quality needs, contact Kern Heating & Cooling at (847) 383-0350.


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